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My Services

I offer many different packages - check them all out! 


per hour

Closet, Garage or Kitchen Organize

Arranging your entire wardrobe, garage, or kitchen


  • Assessment of how you use the space in order to efficiently maximize the space & streamline use

  • Organizing & arranging items in closets/cabinets

  • Improve space planning

  • De-cluttering (if desired)

  • Install & design of new closet or shelving (if needed)


per hour

General De-cluttering 

Organizing overwhelmed spaces


  • Sorting through items - what to keep & what to lose

  • Implement manageable systems to keep organized

  • Organize items to give you a livable, functional area

  • Improve space planning


per day

Moving Day

Helping you unpack your items from the big move


  • Unpacking items

  • Set up efficient storage systems for items

  • Organize items into their new places

  • 6 hour days

We service Boston & Greater Boston Metro Area


It is our priority to customize your experience to your specific needs and personality - the organizing and design process is a collaboration between you and the organizer to best suit your situation and accomplish your goals. 

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